About Sylvia

Sylvia van Ginkel has been working as a naturopathic therapist with Biophoton Healing since 2011. In her offices in Eck en Wiel and in Utrecht she treats many people with a biofeedback system every day. Via Biophoton Healing the body’s own light brings back the body in balance and makes the immune system starts to function properly, as measured disturbances are eliminated by administering the opposite vibration frequencies.

In 2018 Sylvia came across the documentary Heal, which is about intent medicine. She watched it and was touched by the role of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson in this documentary. She started to do some research: listened to his interviews on YouTube, read his website and decided to write to him. In the summer of 2018, she traveled to America for 4.5 days of private lessons in Bio-Tuning® from Dr. Thompson himself. She is now an accredited Bio-Tuning® therapist and since the treatment equipment arrived from America, she has been practicing this innovative therapy as the only one in the Netherlands, under the name Neuroaccoustic Healing.

‘It is a wonderful addition to the Biophoton Therapy, with profound results,” said Sylvia. ‘For those people who just want to go a step further in healing their system. And for people who have a contraindication to treatment with Biophotons. Neuroacoustic Healing has no contraindications and works on so many layers. At first, it is mainly relaxing and relieving on physical and emotional complaints. But people who want to go through the entire process can look forward to a change, not only on a physical and emotional level, but also on an energy and consciousness level. Neuracoustic Healing brings you back to your essence. ‘