How often do I have to listen to the audio file?

At the end of the Neuroacoustic Healing session, Sylvia tests via the Biophoton equipment which frequency of listening back to the audio file has the most effect. Of course you can also determine intuitively how often you listen to the file. It is advisable not to listen more than once a day, because the body / your system needs time to integrate the changes brought about by the brainwaves.

Can I listen back to the audio file while doing other things?

It is not advisable to listen to the file while you are doing something else. For example, if you are reading or driving a car, your brain is working on it so the brainwaves that are transmitted via the audio file do not work optimally. By listening to the file, it is precisely the intention that you relax and end up in homeostasis; the effect is therefore optimal if you take time for yourself and listen quietly while lying or sitting down.

How is the file being delivered? Can I listen to it on all devices?

The file is sent to you via e-mail with the WeTransfer program. You can then download it yourself on your computer or mobile phone or MP3 player. Note: If you are working on Apple Macintosh, iPhone or iPod, the file will not be converted correctly. Therefore, you cannot download the file directly to Apple devices because the tone will not sound good and will not give the correct brainwaves. This can have a negative effect.

I am deaf. Do I still benefit from Neuroacoustic Healing?

Deafness does not have to be an obstacle to undergoing Neuracoustic Healing sessions. First of all, during treatment you lie on a table that vibrates at the frequency of your unique tone. Your body receives the required information in this way. Secondly, Bio-Tuning® works with brainwaves, which work directly on the brain; it is therefore not necessary to hear your unique tone.

I fall asleep while listening to my audio file. Does it still has an effect?

You may fall asleep while listening to your audio file. This is often a light sleep, a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Since Neuroacoustic Healing works with brainwaves, sleeping is no problem.

Has Neuroacoustic Healing any negative side effects?

In principle Bio-Tuning® has no negative side effects; it is not a medicine. It is NOT advisable, however, to have someone else listen to your audio file or to listen to someone else’s file. Then you or that other person will receive brainwaves that are not intended for you or that other person. This triggers processes in the body that are not meant to.

Some people experience some restless feelings at the start of Neuroacoustic Healing sessions. What might help in this case, is to experiment whether listening to the audio file at a different time in the day takes away the restlessness. If you listen to the file in the evening before going to sleep, and you feel awake and active afterwards, it is better to listen to it in the morning or at the start of the afternoon.

It is also possible that your body / system will start cleaning up faster than usual. Dormant complaints therefore come up faster or more intensively. For example, a dormant allergy that suddenly bursts out, or a dormant burnout that suddenly becomes actual. This might seem to be a negative effect of the session, but in the end it only works positively, because the body / your system also heals itself more fast, with or without extra help from others. As long as something is dormant, you don’t know it exists. As soon as something becomes visible, you can start working on it.

How quickly can I expect effect from Neuroacoustic Healing?

There are people who sleep better after one session, or who already have lower blood pressure after one week of listening back to their audio file. Other clients need more time to experience the effects of Neuroacoustic Healing. How quickly you can expect results is therefore not predictable, it depends entirely on your physical, emotional and energetic condition.

Does Neuroacoustic Healing also works for children and grownups with ADHD, ADD and autism?

Neuroacoustic Healing can certainly be effective for children and adults with ADHD, ADD and autism. The session can possibly also be experienced sitting down in case lying causes too much restlessness.

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