The first phase of the Neuroacoustic Healing or Bio-Tuning® program contains nine sessions. These sessions follow in some way a repetitive pattern, and at the same time each treatment is characterized by a unique added element. In this way every session brings a next step in your recovery process.

Each treatment works on a different level of healing and balancing of your body, emotions and mind. The sound recording of the Neuroacoustic Healing is sent to you via e-mail, so that after the treatment you can listen to the session at home again, until it is integrated into the body. You can schedule a follow-up session after approximately two to three weeks. It is not necessarily needed to follow all nine sessions, even with fewer sessions you can achieve a desired result.

Session 1

Your first Neuroacoustic Healing session takes approximately two hours. After an intake interview, in which you explain your need for treatment, your body is measured by Biophoton Therapy*. In this way imbalances are detected in different body systems.

After the treatment with the Biophotons, you lie down on the special treatment table that is part of the Neuroacoustic Healing equipment. On both your wrists the practitioner will put an electrode, which is used to measure the heart rate and the elaboration of the parasympathetic and orthosympathetic nervous system. Via the Neuracoustic Healing computer program your unique tone is then determined. The electrodes are also used to monitor your heartbeat and nervous system reactions during treatment, so that the practitioner can see when you are in the homeostasis phase.

Homeostasis means that your body maintains the nutrients and waste in the cells through the internal environment (tissue fluid between the cells and capillaries) to the right level. Homeostasis ensures a perfect balance. Your unique tone causes brainwave frequency patterns that are associated with optimal states of consciousness for healing your physical, emotional and mental levels. Once the tone is found, you will hear it for 30 minutes through headphones. The special treatment table ensures that the tone is transmitted to the body via vibration. You feel what you hear and you hear what you feel.

Session 2

There are nine brain wave frequencies for healing that can be calculated as octaves of your unique base tone. That’s why there are nine Neuroacoustic Healing sessions, one for each of these brainwaves healing states of consciousness.

During the second session, you are expressing your unique tone with your voice for a few minutes. A 3D recording of your voice reflecting this exact tone is then being made. It is not necessary for this to be able to sing; your voice tone is formatted by the computer system so that your subconscious mind recognizes it.
Only your own vocal cords can produce the unique set of harmonic and overtones that are characteristic of your ‘voice-print’ pattern (voice-blueprint). The subconscious mind, which created your own vocal cords, recognizes in depth the pattern of sound that they produce.

Again during this session you are lying on the special treatment table and through the headphones you hear a mix of your unique tone with your own voice. You wear glasses with small LED lights on the inside that flash against your closed eyelids. The flashing of these lights is driven by the vibration sound frequencies of your voice recording. So you see what you hear, what you feel. This causes a multifaceted synchronicity in the electrical activity of the visual, auditory and vibration sensitive areas of the cortex and brainstem. It also coordinates the visual, auditory and kinesthetic functions of your body and brings them into balance with each other.

Follow-up sessions

During the later course of these Neuroacoustic Healing or Bio-Tuning® sessions, specific sound frequencies are added, such as cosmic sounds. The combination of this, with your unique tone and voice, gives access to:

  • deeply buried, emotional traumas,
  • frequencies to help you discover your life’s purpose,
  • techniques to accelerate your personal development.

Our body and mind heal as we listen and acknowledge them. It may also be important to re-record your voice again after an important physical or emotional breakthrough has taken place. Major breakthroughs correspond to a clarification of your voting pattern and the reflection of the “new person” in your voice. This new balance is reflected in all your body tissues – including your vocal cords and the harmonic and overtones that they produce. This new, transformed voting pattern has an accelerated effect on further balancing your systems and increasing your self-reinforcement.

Brain training

Listening back to each recording after a session is necessary to get the desired effect. With oxidative stress, your body is constantly in flight-fighting mode. Through the brainwaves of your unique tone, the body is invited to leave this stressful state of being. A cross-over occurs between the parasympathetic and orthosympathetic nervous system and you enter homeostasis. Listening daily to the audio recording of your session will help you get more out of the fight-flight response and reduce oxidative stress. You train your brain with this and help your system to return to its original state.