A journey in my consciousness

I have done two Neuroacoustic Healing sessions with Sylvia so far. I experience it as traveling in my consciousness. Images come up: both memories and visions, emotions flow through me, sometimes my body reacts physically with shocks or sighs. In the second session, I ended up in a piece of old trauma. That was a little uncomfortable. Sylvia came and stood next to me and put her hand on my shoulder. I was able to relax and the nasty feeling soon disappeared.

After the first session I felt as if I was grounded again, as if everything within me came from a different root. I experienced an even deeper confidence in my path. After both sessions I also felt fulfilled, nourished and satisfied. I have already done a lot of consciousness work in my life and I have been treated with Biophoton Therapy several times, but it feels like Neuroacoustic Healing is going deeper, touches much more and releases on unconscious layers. In my experience Bio-Tuning® speeds up my development process. I ended up in a burn-out, but I notice that I move through it confidently and fairly quickly. Listening to the file at home has a supportive effect. I don’t listen every day, because the new energy first has to integrate. I listen to the sessions twice a week. Just as long until I feel that I am ready for the next session. That I want more of this, is certain, I feel I have just discovered the tip of the iceberg and there is still an enormous wealth under water.

Francisca (50 years old)