More and more energy, peace and happiness!

I came into contact with Neuroacoustic Healing because I asked Sylvia for advice about the Giardia parasite in my gut, and a burnout. Later Lyme disease followed. My journey with Sylvia started with Biophoton Therapy, which helped me a lot on my way to recovery. However, there was still something that seemed insoluble in my experience. A deep sadness to which I could not give words. Of course, disease not only has an origin in the body; also the emotional, mental and spiritual parts in a person can get very out of balance. As a result, the body also becomes unbalanced and diseases can manifest itself in it.

I have started Neuroacoustic Healing treatment and I find amazing results. A process of awareness has been set in motion, which originated in my very early childhood. This process has not yet stopped and is still affecting my daily life. I have done eight treatments and benefit from my sound files. That way I can listen to my tone and I do so at least four times a week. I am glad that I found Neuroacoustic Healing, unique in the Netherlands! I also feel safe in Sylvia’s hands, she is loving, careful and very professional in her guidance. I am very happy that she came my way!

Joke (64 years old)