Deeper and deeper …

When it turned out that I was struggling with high blood pressure in addition to abdominal aneurysm, I wanted to tackle this myself without medication. Adding supplements and adjusting nutrition are of course the first steps you take. I then heard from Sylvia about the Bio-Tuning® and that seemed like a nice addition to my chosen path. Creating peace from within, so that you can regain your self-healing capacity!

I am now at the 3rd session. One time I sink deeply, the other time I am a bit restless … I keep getting deeper and deeper! My blood pressure is normal again and my aneurysm is stable. I still listen to my tone every day before going to sleep and I really like it! I can see that a deeper peace has come to me. This is not only palpable, but also measurable. I will continue as long as it feels right and make a follow-up appointment intuitional. I continue to find it special to see how we ourselves are behind the control buttons of our lives … we just have to see them find.

Astrid (55 years old)

More and more energy, peace and happiness!

I came into contact with Neuroacoustic Healing because I asked Sylvia for advice about the Giardia parasite in my gut, and a burnout. Later Lyme disease followed. My journey with Sylvia started with Biophoton Therapy, which helped me a lot on my way to recovery. However, there was still something that seemed insoluble in my experience. A deep sadness to which I could not give words. Of course, disease not only has an origin in the body; also the emotional, mental and spiritual parts in a person can get very out of balance. As a result, the body also becomes unbalanced and diseases can manifest itself in it.

I have started Neuroacoustic Healing treatment and I find amazing results. A process of awareness has been set in motion, which originated in my very early childhood. This process has not yet stopped and is still affecting my daily life. I have done eight treatments and benefit from my sound files. That way I can listen to my tone and I do so at least four times a week. I am glad that I found Neuroacoustic Healing, unique in the Netherlands! I also feel safe in Sylvia’s hands, she is loving, careful and very professional in her guidance. I am very happy that she came my way!

Joke (64 years old)

A journey in my consciousness

I have done two Neuroacoustic Healing sessions with Sylvia so far. I experience it as traveling in my consciousness. Images come up: both memories and visions, emotions flow through me, sometimes my body reacts physically with shocks or sighs. In the second session, I ended up in a piece of old trauma. That was a little uncomfortable. Sylvia came and stood next to me and put her hand on my shoulder. I was able to relax and the nasty feeling soon disappeared.

After the first session I felt as if I was grounded again, as if everything within me came from a different root. I experienced an even deeper confidence in my path. After both sessions I also felt fulfilled, nourished and satisfied. I have already done a lot of consciousness work in my life and I have been treated with Biophoton Therapy several times, but it feels like Neuroacoustic Healing is going deeper, touches much more and releases on unconscious layers. In my experience Bio-Tuning® speeds up my development process. I ended up in a burn-out, but I notice that I move through it confidently and fairly quickly. Listening to the file at home has a supportive effect. I don’t listen every day, because the new energy first has to integrate. I listen to the sessions twice a week. Just as long until I feel that I am ready for the next session. That I want more of this, is certain, I feel I have just discovered the tip of the iceberg and there is still an enormous wealth under water.

Francisca (50 years old)

After the first treatment I immediately slept through at night

I was being treated by Sylvia to do something about osteoarthritis on my hands via Biophoton Therapy. That did not work effectively enough, however. When I heard that she had started a new therapy, it aroused my interest. I also had a sleep disorder for years, for which I had tried everything – from acupuncture to melatonin – but nothing had any effect. After the first Neuroacoustic Healing treatment I slept through the night immediately!

The pain of osteoarthritis has also disappeared since the first session. I also notice effect on a mental level. In the processing of traumatic experiences from my childhood, the insights now come faster and I even get to see my blind spots. I have had a burnout in the past, I have retained a certain sensitivity about it. When I have been busy, I can be so tired that I have to lie down in bed. Now I use that time to listen back to my audio file; afterwards I feel fit and clear, as if it is morning and I just woke up.

I experience that Neuroacoustic Healing works at the most basic level of the body’s self-healing capacity. I take plenty of time between sessions, because Bio-Tuning® has a slow effect, the integration needs time. Sometimes I do a Biophoton session in between, like recently when I experienced a severe allergic reaction after trying out a new body oil. Thanks for the fact that this can be done with the same practitioner! I think Sylvia is careful, pleasant and clear in her guidance. She adjusts to where I am in my process. This is what I am looking for!

Ina (69 years years old)