Deeper and deeper …

When it turned out that I was struggling with high blood pressure in addition to abdominal aneurysm, I wanted to tackle this myself without medication. Adding supplements and adjusting nutrition are of course the first steps you take. I then heard from Sylvia about the Bio-Tuning® and that seemed like a nice addition to my chosen path. Creating peace from within, so that you can regain your self-healing capacity!

I am now at the 3rd session. One time I sink deeply, the other time I am a bit restless … I keep getting deeper and deeper! My blood pressure is normal again and my aneurysm is stable. I still listen to my tone every day before going to sleep and I really like it! I can see that a deeper peace has come to me. This is not only palpable, but also measurable. I will continue as long as it feels right and make a follow-up appointment intuitional. I continue to find it special to see how we ourselves are behind the control buttons of our lives … we just have to see them find.

Astrid (55 years old)